Infection Control Statement

We aim to keep our surgery clean and tidy and offer a safe environment to our patients and staff. We are proud of our modern, purpose built Practice and endeavour to keep it clean and well maintained at all times.
If you have any concerns about cleanliness or infection control within Dunrobin Street Medical Centre, please report these to our Reception staff.
Our staff follow our Infection Control Policy to ensure the care we deliver and the equipment we use is safe.
We take additional measures to ensure we maintain the highest standards:
• Encourage staff and patients to raise any issues or report any incidents relating to cleanliness and infection control. We can discuss these and identify improvements we can make to avoid any future problems.
• Carry out an annual infection control audit to make sure our infection control procedures are working.
• Provide annual staff updates and training on cleanliness and infection control
• Review our policies and procedures to make sure they are adequate and meet national guidance.
• Maintain the premises and equipment to a high standard within the available financial resources and ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to reduce or remove all infection risk.
• Use washable or disposable materials for items such as couch rolls, modesty curtains, floor coverings, towels etc., and ensure that these are laundered, cleaned or changed frequently to minimise risk of infection.
• Make Alcohol Hand Rub Gel available throughout the practice.
Infection control annual statement
1. Purpose of the statement
In line with the Department of Health, The Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice on Prevention and Control of Infection and its Related Guidance (2015), the practice annual statement will be generated each year. It will summarise:
• Any infection transmission incidents and any action taken (these will have been reported in accordance with our Significant Events Report procedures).
• Details of any infection control audits undertaken and actions taken.
• Details of any infection control risk assessments undertaken.
• Details of any staff training.
• Any review and update of policies, procedures and guidelines.
2. Lead for the prevention and Control of Infection
• Practice infection control lead – Denise Chenoweth (Practice Nurse) responsible for annual and monthly of infection control audit.
• Training by Denise Chenoweth: Blue stream Academy update Dec 2019
3. Significant events
• In 2019 there was 1 significant event that occurred at the practice relating to infection control vaccine refrigerator breakdown. New vaccine refrigerator was bought and all the stock of vaccines were disposed off. No outbreak of an infection such as any multiple cases of diarrhoea and vomiting, norovirus, or clostridium difficile.
4. Audits and risk assessments
1. Risk assessments and audits related to infection control are carried out monthly and an aggregation on an annual basis.
2. Risk assessments audits carried out last year: Sharps, workplace fans and covid -19, icy and winter conditions – car park, remote working, risk assessments of BAME staff workers, Health and mental wellbeing of staff, first aid risk assessment, lone-working risk assessment, Hep B – staff who refuse hep B, TB, risk assessment for vulnerable staff.
5.The following actions carried out after the last infection annual audit:
• All sharp boxes on the wall brackets.
• Fire retardant bins all the GPs rooms
• Liquid soap holders on the walls
• Paving outside the surgery changed  instead of artificial grass.

The following things are future changes on the agenda to be updated in Dunrobin Street Medical Centre:

• Acquiring of wipeable chairs for the waiting room.

6.Staff training
• All clinical and non-clinical staff (including the cleaner) undertakes infection control training on a 3 yearly basis. Our current education provider is Blue stream academy.
7.Policies, procedures and guidelines
• All infection control policies are reviewed and updated annually last update Dec 2019 as appropriate. This is on-going and amendments will be made as current advice changes.
8. Sign off
• Denise Chenoweth Practice Nurse