Important Message to Patients during Covid-19

We are concerned that patients may be trying to protect the NHS by not contacting us at this current time with perceived non-urgent medial concerns. While this is much appreciated, we must all rember that even with the current pandemic pateints will still becoming unwell with other illnesses, or developing new symptoms that may be of concern to a clinician.

We are currently still be able to cope with out workload, and we urge patients to call us as usual to discuss any medial concerns with a clinician. Interventions or tests may still be required, and we can do most of those over the phone, or by video consultation.

It may be that in the near future we could become overwhelmed with COVID-19 work – but if that happens, we will ley you know.

Seeking medical help is one of the four reasons people can safely leave home, government guidance says.

People should seek medical care when they need it and not be put off by the coronavirus epidemic. 

Our message today is – please telephone surgery with all medical needs as if there is no pandemic happening. The GP will call you back and decide whether treatment now is needed, or if we can follow you up at a later date.