Practice Staff


Dr VK Maheepathi MBBS, Delhi 1976, MS General Surgery 1979

Dr R Arepalli MBBS, 1974 MS General Surgery 1979

Dr N Arepalli  BSc (2007) MD (2012)  MDAAFP (2015)  DFSRH  (2018)  MRCGP (2020)

Practice Staff

Divaker Shikotra BSc, PGCE
Practice Manager

Divaker is responsible for the day-to-day management of the practice and co-ordinates the work of other members of staff. He is able to discuss any non-medical issues and would also be glad to hear any complaints, suggestions or queries of our patients.

Practice Nurse Team

Our nursing team compromises of wonderful experienced practices nurses.  Our nursing team is responsible for all the Health Promotion advice and routine tests such as cervical smears, holiday immunisations, B12 Injections, baby immunisations and blood pressure checks. They are also responsible for the various disease management clinics including asthma, diabetes, COPD, Hypertension, CHD prevention and other long term conditions. Each appointment varies in time so we cannot allow online appointments for our nurses.

Practice Nurses

Lisa Haze

Denise Chenoweth

Lavenia Sagoa

District Nurses

The District Nursing Team care for those patients who cannot attend the surgery. District Nurse Clinics are held at other locally based centres, providing dressings, ear syringing, suture removal etc.

Health Visitors

Clinics are held at Westfield Childrens Centre. The Health Visitor is responsible for health matters concerning the under fives at home. Direct Line – 01782 237500


Our midwife offers clinics on Tuesdays between 9am-3pm. These are booked by one of the administration team.